RMF Redux


ProTech’s RMF REDUX analyzes Workload Manager data to finally provide a view of system behavior that truly reflects the policies implemented.

While many products focus on interval reporting and real-time analysis, they all lack the ability to indicate how well a policy is actually performing.

RMF Redux helps you to answer questions like:

  • Is this service class a good candidate for velocity management?
  • This class exceeds its definition most of the time. Is that good or bad?

ProTech can run your data through RMF Redux to show how your reports look


  • Evaluates SMF type 70 and 72 records based on the number of recorded samples to provide a global view of how work is performing within its respective service class.
  • Easy and fast install Benefits
  • Monitor effectiveness of your performance tuning
  • Eliminates the need to review voluminous amounts of interval data and spending time with a calculator to arrive at conclusions

One client was looking at RMF REDUX reports 20 minutes after beginning the software installation!


  • MVS: Any IBM supported release