Benefit from ProTech's expertise in Enterprise Systems Management & Data Center Automation with solutions developed from our consulting practice experience working with some of the world's largest and most sophisticated IT infrastructures.

EZChange for OPS/MVS - automates the error-prone and labor intensive method for policy implementation by managing the rollout of Rules, EXECs, Global variables and stems, RDF tables and various other elements.

REXXexpress - is a fully portable toolbox of productivity tools including a REXX function library, central management tools and environmental integration automation that help developers to get applications done faster and maintained more easily.
RMF Redux - analyzes Workload Manager data to finally provide a view of true system behavior that reflects the policies implemented. SMF Type 70/72 records are evaluated to provide a global view of how the system is performing within respective service classes.
EZReport for OPS/MVS - Creates detailed management reports for better analysis and "big picture" oversight of customer's data center automation efforts.