Performance Availability Engineering

ProTech's team of experts can uncover your performance problems as well as assist your staff with implementing the infrastructure or application design changes that will correct those issues quickly. ProTech employs the Performance and Availability Engineering (PAE) service methodology to permanently correct or anticipate performance issues:


Intelligence Gathering
We collect information on legacy systems, OEM software interfaces, network management protocols, end user habits, the databases and hardware required.

Lab Data Analysis
A PAE Lab is essential to success. We augment your staff in the current lab environment and assist your staff with the processes.

Performance Analysis and Reporting
ProTech builds a comprehensive performance report and a DYNAMIC model at the APPLICATION level of detail. The model can be modified and reconfigured with endless scenarios to identify and help prevent problems.

Performance and Availability Automation
The issues identified are brought to light. The solutions are identified and agreed upon. Service level objectives are then put in place.