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The 5 Need-to-Know Details about IBM DFSMS

IBM DFSMS, or Data Facility Storage Management System, is a software suite designed to provide comprehensive storage management capabilities for organizations using the IBM mainframe platform. With DFSMS, organizations can manage their data efficiently, reduce storage costs, and ensure the security and integrity of their data. In this article, we will explore the 5 need-to-know various features and benefits of IBM DFSMS in greater detail. If these 5 data storage features are important for your organization, start your training with ProTech’s selection of IBM Authorized DFSMS courses!

Intelligent Automation UiPath

Technology has radically transformed the way we do business. From reducing waste to refining analytics, each new stride has had profound and positive consequences for organizations. As the pace of digital innovation accelerates, new emerging technologies promise even greater benefits—building the need for intelligent automation in UiPath.

One of these relatively new trends is called intelligent automation (IA). In this article, we explore what IA is, its key benefits, and some real-world business applications.