Advanced Project Topics for the Business Manager

Training Summary
Senior Managers have a unique outlook on projects. They are concerned not only with project success but also with the cumulative Business Value that those projects must ultimately generate. This means that to a Senior Manager, any project management methodology must lead the project team to plan and execute projects so that Business Value is optimized. Viewing project management through the lens of Portfolio Management provides us with just such a perspective. Advanced Project Topics for the Business Manager presents current project management best practice along with a unique perspective on those aspects of project management where Senior Managers can directly influence project success. This course is a power-packed two day course that will show you specific steps you can take to ensure that your projects help realize your business goals.
This course assumes some knowledge of project management concepts and a basic understanding of project selection methods, but no specific prior PM training is required.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for business managers, technical managers, portfolio managers; executives, managers of project managers, and anyone with business accountability for projects.
Course Topics
When project success is not enough
  • How Project Portfolio Management helps you fulfill business strategy
  • Picking the right projects
  • Plan and manage the project to maximize Business Value
  • Central importance of people in projects
  • Three ways to get a project off to a strong start
  • Project Stewardship
  • How to plan project budgets in the face of unreliable estimates
  • Maintaining project integrity (change control)
  • Good Meetings Practice
  • How to make project issues go away (risk management)
  • Ensuring effective delivery of the goods (Transition)

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